Family Phases Counseling

Growing and changing together...


FAMILY PHASES COUNSELING has been meeting the needs of Southern California communities since 1989. We are a not-for-profit organization of concerned professionals committed to the understanding and care of individuals and families.

The staff at
FAMILY PHASES COUNSELING believes that personal and professional conflicts are best dealt with in a straightforward and direct manner. Our goal is to provide growth opportunities, care, and support to help bring about relational, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

The licensed therapists and registered interns at FAMILY PHASES COUNSELING have training and expertise in the following areas: individual therapy for adult men and women, couples counseling, premarital counseling, counseling for teens and young adults, and child therapy (including play therapy).

Occasionally, upon encountering various life or situational difficulties, a person may become so emotionally distraught or so close to a problem that finding a resolution requires professional guidance. Many people are confused when it comes to deciding when to seek professional counseling. Some of the key warning signs are listed to let you know when you should seek help for yourself or a child/adolescent or refer a friend or loved one for help:

For Adults:

Persistent unresolved problems

Lack of communication


Ongoing depression/ongoing anxiety

Any suicidal thoughts

Lack of energy

Decreased sexual intimacy

Severe change in mood/attitude

Emotional outbursts

Impairment in daily living

Relationship problems

For Children and Adolescents:



Aggression (i.e. biting, hitting)

Regression (i.e. bedwetting when child has already been trained)

Chronic acting out, tantrums, truancy

Sibling fighting

Bullying, victim of bullying

Decline in grades

Teacher or doctor concerns


Poetry or artwork with aggressive or depressive themes

Also major life crises such as: death in the family; divorce; chronic
or terminal illness. And problems in life cycle changes:
marriage; birth; adolescence; adoption; empty nest; aging parents.

All of the licensed therapists and registered interns at FAMILY PHASES COUNSELING are equipped to assist you or a loved one in overcoming troubling emotions and/or behaviors and in restoring relationships. We affirm the unique worth of each individual who comes for therapy by providing a safe, confidential, and therapeutic environment to deal with inner conflicts and relationships.

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